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E Motion Bodies is a project that seeks to create spaces for movement, body creativity and the expansion of consciousness. Dance, acrobatics, conscious movement, fresh and shared looks, learn together to fly with the gravity that passes through us in each of our cells ... all this is what E Motion Bodies wants to promote so that it becomes part, more and more, of our life adventure. We are convinced that we can transform our society if we allow our bodies to speak and express themselves more freely.

E Motion Bodies seeks to help you fly, create, enjoy your body, share your movement and contact a growing world of movers and creators . We want to contribute to linking you to a life with a healthy, strong and flexible body, with a creative emotion, with a continuous sharing. Learn and explore together.

The goal is not to sell clothing or other technical items, but to generate inspiration so that each and everyone can create more and more spaces for movement and art.

Do you want to fly? E Motion Bodies is Emotion, Movement and Body.


Each E Motion Bodies product and design is the result of listening to the needs of many professional dancers and acrobats from different countries , that we share our needs, our quality demands, the details to improve that they are important, what we miss in our day to day in short; With these needs in mind, at E Motion Bodies we work hard to cover them and surprise as much as we can.


The quality and functionality of E Motion Bodies products is the backbone where all our business vision is based. We believe that offering a product with exceptional quality is the best advertisement and you are our best ambassadors.

We ask ourselves, why invest a significant part of our budget in advertising to sell "brand" if we have the technical resources and sufficient knowledge to make articles that really make a difference? In this way, we invest that differential in you by putting a fair price on our material.


Having a local production not only affects the quality of the products and their finishes, but also allows us a lot of agility in the development of new fabrics and materials, creation of new models and introduction of improvements in the models that already are on the market.

In addition, proximity production is a growing global need, both due to the need to create industry and national capacities as well as energy savings and reduction of environmental impact.