The idea of starting to produce contemporary dance pants arose from the need of many dancers to have high-quality, beautiful, professional pants at a reasonable price. It has been a development process of almost an entire year, in which more than 15 dancers from Germany, Belgium, France and Spain, 2 designers, 2 pattern makers and many other people from the textile world have been involved who have put the best of their work and experience to obtain the contemporary dance pants (Flying Dance Pant) that we have achieved.

Many of us are always “pecking” pants in different places, and yet it is very difficult to find “perfect” contemporary dance and training pants. In fact, 6 professional dancers were asked what their favorite contemporary dance pants they wear is, and what could be improved; and a lot of details came out: removing the pockets and zippers, widening the elastic at the waist, adapting the fit better, having more designs and colors, having a thicker and more resistant fabric but not hot, etc.

With all these people, a first pattern was defined that was improved in up to 5 test iterations until achieving a shape that allows the body to be stylized while maintaining great comfort in movement, and trying to maximize its fit in our bodies that are so different.

Months of research and testing were dedicated to the fabric, with visits to more than 15 different technical fabric factories. We were looking for a fabric that is resistant, that slips so we can fly, that absorbs moisture and that is pleasant to the touch against the skin.

And regarding the colors, a survey was conducted with 8 dancers who chose their dream colors, and a final survey was conducted from all of them that led to the colors of our first production.

The waist laces with stitched eyelets, the high-quality 4 cm wide elastic waistband, the sewn with safety stitches, etc., all of these are details that allow us to say that we have a professional data-mce-fragment="1">
Thank you very much to everyone involved for helping in this dream!

Thank you very much to everyone involved for helping in this dream!

The story does not end has only just begun. We continue to analyze how our contemporary dance pants fly, and we are already developing new products that we will soon publish in our catalog.

Let's dance!

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